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Sally Summerlin with today's message about BUYER'S Representation

Is 'your' real estate agent really working for you? Now Home Buyers Have A Choice At Greater Fairfield County Home Buyers Agent Website: www.BestBrokerNow.com

You wouldn't for a lot of good reasons go into a contested divorce proceeding without an attorney, or worse, take the advice of your spouse's attorney.

Why, then, would you buy a home -- an adversarial process regardless of how friendly everyone involved in the transaction seems -- without someone on your side? at www.BestBrokerNow home buyers now have someone on their side, with full home buyer representation. Oh, you think home buyers have always had representation? Well, think again.

Recently, more home buyers have been asking, "Who represents whom?" As a result, many are opting to be represented by a buyer's agent to take them through the process, from house hunting to closing. The greatest thing about this is it doesn't cost the buyer anything and often saves them thousands.

Why would a seller agree to allow half of the commission to go to a buyer's agent who is representing a buyer against the seller? Simple -- the seller wants to sell. And as some real estate agents note, the transaction really funds the commission. Yes, the seller is paying the commission, but the house might be 6 percent cheaper if no agent were involved, so the buyer is really paying the commission in the increased price of the home. The whole idea here is fairness: If the buyer is bringing the money to the table to buy the house, shouldn't that buyer get representation? Finally, after nearly a century, the answer is yes.

Why choose a buyer's agency? While any agent will arrange property showings, suggest sources of financing, provide accurate information, explain the forms and agreements, and monitor the entire process, a buyer's agent should perform services for you that many the seller's agents can't, such as show you reasons not to buy a particular property; negotiate the best price and terms for you; include contingencies in the contract that protect you, rather than the seller as in most standard contracts; and keep confidential any information that could hurt your bargaining position.

Many home buyers have made that choice now and now employ a home buyers agent for representation when buying there next home,and don't leave home without one.

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